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class sizes

Our classes average between 6 and 12 participants, with a maximum of 16 people per class. We keep groups small and personal to enable us to tailor the exercises and intensity, and to ensure we can correct exercise technique throughout each session.


ALL of our classes are designed specifically to suit ALL of you, whether you’re totally new or a bit of an expert. We encourage you to set your own pace and work at a level you’re comfortable with. Classes are inclusive, fun and social and a great way to meet other members.

train with PEACE of mind

Our trainers are highly qualified, friendly and caring - you are in good hands! We have countless hours of experience in exercise for rehabilitation, weight lifting, boxing, sport and personal training between us.

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From the standard gym membership that gives you access to our equipment through to personal training and HIIT classes, we got you! Feel free to choose from the options below and lock in your free class trial today.

gym owner personal training

personal training

30 min

We are committed to helping you get the most from your mind and body and improving your quality of life. In our PT sessions, we utilise postural and movement assessment, result driven coaching methods & education and motivation to ensure exercise programming is specific to your body, goals and needs.

urban athletic gym boxing class


30 min

Learn correct boxing technique and improve fitness at the same time. This group class is inclusive, fun and challenging for both the mind and body.

a lady exercising at urban athletic gym


30 min

High-intensity interval training is used for a challenging whole body workout. You will push, pull, run, jump and more using bodyweight, kettlebells, weights and other exercises.

come and say hi!

not ready to join a class yet? no worries!

We understand! Joining a group class in an unfamiliar environment might be a bit overwhelming. We got you! That's why we have other options available for you to choose from, where you can either get a tour of our facility, meet our trainers or sneak in a cheeky workout (for free!).

just step in and we'll take care of the rest

Before you book, we still ask you to still lock in your preferred time in our calendar via this form or via any "BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL" buttons so that we are there for you when you arrive! You'll have the option to select between just a meet & greet with one of our team members, or book a free workout session.

urban athletic consultation

meet & greet /
free consultation

15-20 min

Let's get acquainted, shall we? Enough about us, we would like to meet you and find out how we can help you achieve your lifestyle goal/s.

During this 15-20 mins, you will:

  • Meet our team
  • Check out our space
  • Get basic postural assessment
  • Get any questions answered
urban athletic posture

Free workout

30 min

Please enjoy your free first workout session at Urban Athletic. The gym is equipped with squat racks, a dedicated deadlift platform, dumbbells, kettlebells, swiss balls, TRX suspension training, prowler, chin-up bars, rowers, spin bikes, self-powered treadmill, foam rollers, bands and much more. There is also a multi-functional open space dedicated for classes, stretching and general training, as well as a boxing ring.

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