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We take pride in helping those who are new to exercise feel comfortable and confident by providing ongoing support and advice. Not just another gym in Melbourne.

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At Urban Athletic, we place a huge value on promoting an environment where everyone feels included and appreciated, regardless of their starting point or goals. But don't just take our word for it – hear directly from our members.

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I’ve never enjoyed going to a gym until I joined here. It’s the most welcoming place, with genuinely kind people and a relaxed atmosphere where I never feel intimidated or judged. I can’t recommend Alex as a PT highly enough.

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Fin m.

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Super friendly and egoless gym! Some great classes too. All incredibly affordable. If you don't want naff motivational quotes/heart rate competition vibes but quality service and equipment, then this is the place for you.

Danny r.

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It’s like someone built the garage gym you could never hope to afford or have the space for, and then that gym had a baby with an old school fight gym - lol. It’s a truly unique and wicked space to train in. Enzo is a legend!!!

Allan P.

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Totally non-judgmental environment. Both customers and the owner, Enzo, are really respectful. The place is always clean, great set up and all the equipment is super good quality. Plus, having access to the punching bags whenever I needed.

Zee m.

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I LOVE this joint! Practical and down to earth. Personal Trainers are patient, encouraging and always incredibly helpful, and amazingly generous with their time. I love the personal attention I get. I can't recommend this gym more!

nat r.

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Great gym run by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable personal trainer! Very fun to train with even when he is making you work your a** off! Will definitely be training here in the future.
Keep it up guys!


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Dedicated to making exercise fun, flexible and inclusive

Diversity is at the core of everything we stand for as a community here at Urban Athletic. We are thrilled to create a gym space where anyone can feel included regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or identity while promoting personal health and wellbeing.

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Our classes offer a tailored approach and solution for every level of ability. Our experienced personal trainers are passionate about helping members like you and will motivate you throughout every step of your journey.

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At Urban Athletic, our goal is to make exercise fun.


Everyone is welcome and will feel empowered.


Get fitter and healthier in a no judgement environment.


It's more than a gym. It’s a community of people.


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28 Wilkinson St,


Frequently Asked

Can I freeze my membership?
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Absolutely! All you need to do is flick us an email and we'll sort out the rest, no reason and more importantly, no fees required.

What is the class cancellation policy?

At the moment, you do not need to book in for any of the classes, just show up with a smile and you're ready to go. Therefore there is no need to worry about having to cancel.

What kinds of classes are right for me?

Our circuit class is great for all fitness levels run by professional, experienced trainers who genuinely care and enjoy helping you get the most out of your workout.
If circuit classes aren't your jam and you need to hit some things whilst getting a great workout in, our boxing class is the right fit for you. Dan, our boxing coach, is a master of the sweet science and is great with everyone who attends from beginners to advanced boxers.


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